The use of STOP/SLOW signs is critical for a variety of work zones, construction zones, etc. and having a paddle that can withstand the elements, is sturdy and reliable is imperative. Our new and improved Telescoping Handle is just that and more!   Made with high visibility orange ABS plastic, these handles are easy to be seen by vehicles and pedestrians. This two piece handle snaps into place using a push button mechanism and the height adjusts the same way from 56” H to 76” H to the final height of 88” H. The Stop/Slow sign screws right into the top piece of the handle making it easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage.  This handle is perfect for the 18”or 24” ABS plastic paddles as well as the LED paddles. These Stop/Slow signs with the telescoping handle will make flagging operations easier for the flagger to assemble and warn drives of the workzone. Contact [email protected] to order yours today!