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Choosing the Proper Wheel

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When choosing the correct wheel, it is important to select the right one for your application. When choosing the proper wheel, the surrounding area in which it will be used must be considered. The type of surface that the wheel will roll on and the environment will help you make the best selection. Additionally, the wheel you chose should withstand the weight of the load that it will carry. Load capacities vary depending on the size and material composition of the wheel.

Consider the Following:

  • What is the total load capacity that will be supported?
  • What type of surface and where will the wheel be used?
  • What is the condition of the surface?
  • What type of mounting is necessary?
  • Are there any height limitations?
  • Is a brake required?
  • Will equipment be subject to shock loading?
  • What is the maximum speed the equipment will experience?
  • Will the equipment be used in food preparation or handling?
  • Does the environment have fluctuating or extreme temperatures?

Featured Products

Specialty Wheels

Mag Wheels

Industrial Spoke Wheel

Dished Offset Hub Wheel

Nesting Roller Wheel

Special Application Wheel

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Custom Wheels

When it comes to Custom Wheels, Circle Caster Engineering has the capability to design and craft wheels to meet your custom specifications. Understanding your needs is our first priority and a critical step in the custom manufacturing process.

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Tread Cap Wheels

These sturdy wheels made from Copolymer Polypropylene Hub and Molded Tread Cap provide a DURABLE yet LIGHTWEIGHT option for your application.

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Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

Semi-Pneumatic wheels provide excellent floor protection, quiet operation, and a unique appearance. They are wear resistant and have superior strength, which makes them ideal for lawn and garden applications.

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Polyolefin Wheels

Poly O wheels are manufactured from a proprietary blend of specially compounded Polyolefins to achieve the perfect balance of durability, temperature range, and the ability to resist almost any chemical.

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Snow Thrower Wheels

Snow Thrower Wheels feature a directional tread design in 13″, 15″ and 16″ sizes with 2-ply construction to provide excellent traction & wear resistance.

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