Cortina Safety Products QuadraFlex Sign Stand



QuadraFlex VI Sign Stands

Cortina Safety Products is proud to offer a full range of sign stands to meet your work zone signage needs. QuadraFlex VI sign stands, constructed of steel bases and aluminum mast and legs, deliver the quality you have come to rely on for your construction zone needs. 

The Cortina Safety Products QuadraFlex VI Sign Stand product line allows deployment of roll-up signs at various heights between 14" and 6" from ground surface.  The entire line is designed to withstand wind gusts.  Models also feature telescopic legs with an easy to use kick-release. 

Cortina Safety Products QuadraFlex VI Sign Stands Feature

  • Steel base and spring components specially coated to withstand 500 hours of salt spray.
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy legs and uprights, with anti-skid rubber leg caps.
  • Adjustable legs for stability on curbs or uneven terrain.
  • Single or Dual-spring base with strong initial tension resists twisting and turning of sign in high wind gusts.
  • Kick-release legs simplify set-up.
  • One person deployment without tools.
  • Cortina Safety Products Screw-lock sign stands include bracket and feature telescoping legs.  These are for use with the roll-up signs only.

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